Acustica Audio has announced Coral, a mastering channel strip effect plugin for Windows and Mac. It comes bundled with Coral Reef, which provides the 4 individual modules of Coral in separate plugins.

Acustica Audio Coral

The basic concept behind Coral mastering channel strip and Coral REEF mastering bundle was a transparent audio processor, a strategy not commonly used by other manufacturers.

Mastering wild-band EQ has an unique and innovative design including four EQ bands and two filter section with gentle slopes and sub-Bessel configuration.

Chimera mastering compressor is also unique and innovative mastering processor, thanks to the high number of rectifiers in detector section, but also due applies a soft-clipping strategy in order to preserve transients from being cuted-off hard.

Coral bundle also include a mastering elliptical filter for stereo field control and high resolution mastering pre- amplifier based into transformer technology.

The Coral bundle (VST/AU/AAX) costs 199 EUR. A 25% introductory discount is available for a limited time. Coral Reef is available now, the Coral channel strip will be available in mid November.

More information: Acustica Audio