Acustica Audio has announced Navy2, a plugin suite featuring a channel strip, EQ and compressor.

Our new Modern Dreamware Anthology is not just a series of plug-ins: our goal is to provide you with a complete collection of inestimable, rare vintage gear, but most of all, modern reissues of exceptional British outboard equipment.

Thousands of records have inherited their “sound character” from the British gear we have sampled for this incredible suite. You’re going to love Navy’s extensive limiting and compression capabilities, thanks to our faithful emulations of two cherished modern dynamic processors made in the UK: a 2254 reissue and a modern 33609 (an evolution of the 2254 itself).

Over the years, the unique sound quality and ease of use of these devices have made them a de-facto standard in recording studios.

Navy2 is available at an early access pricing of 59 EUR (regular 199 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio