Acustica Audio has introduced the latest Fire series one-knob plugin Fire The Bus+, an effect that is designed to give a gorgeous and natural ‘glue’ to your mixes. The track ‘beautifier’ plugin aims to create the desired sense of sonic depth with ease.

The choice of compressor model from the four available, each one based on our ‘Hyper’ compression tech, will greatly impact the tonality and timbre of your mix or master. The result you will get using this quick and easy to use plugin is a full sound, pleasantly round, controlled bass and with the presence of an adjustable HPF it will allow you to rule out any unwanted pumping. Try it even on single tracks, you won’t regret it.

Fire The Bus+ is the perfect choice for those who seek a Bus compressor with musicality, ease of use, low CPU consumption and an analogue feel above all.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Fire The Bus+ is priced 69 EUR.

More information: Acustica Audio