Acustica Audio has announced the release of a “Made in the USA” plugin suite that pays homage to audio engineer and pro audio industry pioneer Bill Putnam.

Nickel features 4 plugins that include emulations of rare units from the late 60s to the present day.

The fulcrum of this suite is certainly represented by the Nickel Compressor plug-in, which faithfully embodies the behaviour of two different famed ‘Revisions’ (H – LN) of the most recognizable compressor of all time is. The staple of all worldwide major recording studios and still today among the most used gear. These flagships were used to sculpt the sound of countless records from Guns n Roses to Bruce Springsteen, The Killers to Joe Cocker and many others.

In addition to the Nickel Comp, this suite includes a Stereo Parametric EQ with 4 fully parametric bands plus HP and LP filters per channel, a Dual-Mono EQ derived from the Stereo EQ version and last but not least the emulation of a modern ‘out of stock’ multi-channel mic preamp with Class-A discrete electronics, switchable transformer and a fixed HP filter from this beast we derived a total of 20 different preamps.

Nickel is available for purchase at an introductory price of 109 EUR until January 18th, 2022 (regular 169 EUR).

As a free Christmas gift, Acustica Audio is offering the Eminence ‘Creamy’ channel strip for free.

Acustica Audio Eminence

As per our tradition, every year for Xmas we like to surprise our faithful users with a gift for their loyalty and support. This year is no exception, so please give a warm welcome to Eminence, a ‘vintage’ tool to add “mojo” to your music and give you that old-school sound!

The plugin features an emulation of an ultra-rare ’60s British 3-band EQ, a ‘Frankenstein’ compressor that fuses two different seriously ‘Old school’ solid-state dynamic processors in one (591 Optical Compressor and 612 FET Limiter), and a preamp section that includes the preamp stages from all three units.

Eminence is free to download via the Aquarius download manager for macOS and Windows.

Additionally, Acustica Audio has launched a Christmas Sale with discounts of up to 50% off storewide through January 7th, 2022.

More information: Acustica Audio