Acustica Audio is offering Nebula2 and Nebula3 for a special price.

Nebula is a VST Plugin based on Volterra Kernels Series. It emulates different types of vintage gear: equalisers, filters, microphones, preamps, compressors, reverb and generic time-variant processors (chorus, flangers, phasers).

Acustica Audio Nebula 3

Acustica Audio Nebula 3

Nebula2 + over 5 Gigabytes of libraries is 20 euro, while Nebula3 + over 5 Gigabytes of libraries costs 80 euro.

Nebula2 features

  1. Nebula2 software
  2. Over 340 presets of every kind you imagine
  3. A 30 days demo of software Nebula3

If you buy Nebula2 and then you want Nebula3 you’ll pay only the difference (60 euro). Nebula3 is basically the same as Nebula2 (same engine) but with more skins, and better GUI/display for a more accurate performance during mixing/mastering.

What’s in the library?

  • 60 Preamps
  • 12 Compressors
  • 20 Equalizers
  • 10 Guitar Amps
  • 80 Time variants effects : chorus, tremolo, flangers, pan, phazers
  • 90 Reverbs
  • 10 Tapes
  • 10 Mics

If you’re not sure what Nebula is all about you can check out the free version of Nebula2.

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