Acustica Audio has announced the release of its new plugin suite Desert, the first in a new series of ‘Boutique collection’ Acqua plugins that aims to reproduce the essence of unique gear.

The suite includes an EQ, compressor preamp, and channel strip.

Desert is a suite consisting of four different plug-ins embodying a unique, recapped recording/mixing desk from the early 1960s, and other rare gear of the same brand that came from a recording studio located in Lagos, Nigeria, owned by a famous British record label.

Desert features

  • A crisp and captivating sound with two very rare switchable Equalizers which are absolutely dazzling, plus eight germanium transistor-based preamps from the eight channels of a unique tracking/mixing console.
  • Astonishing versatility thanks to an ultra-rare, total refurbished Opto compressor/limiter unit.
  • Eight Line-In preamplifiers plus eight Line-Out preamplifiers. Go from a clear, powerful and colorful sound, into a range of distortions whose musicality is unmatched.
  • A Drive control that increases the harmonic distortion of the output preamps by providing extra saturation (to be used sparingly).

Desert is on sale at an introductory 35% discount, priced 103 EUR until November 9th, 2021 (regular 159 EUR).

More information: Acustica Audio