Acustica Audio Nat3

Acustica Audio releases Nat3, a standalone FX Sampler for Windows PC.

Nat3 allows sampling of different types of hardware/software processors for use with Nebula: equalizers, filters, panners, microphones, preamps, amps, tapes, reverbs and generic time-variant processors (chorus, flanger, phaser, leslie….).

Nat3 features

  • Harmonic orders: 0 to 9.
  • VST players supported: Nebula3 commercial (64 bits), Nebula2 commercial (32 bits only).
  • Bit rate: Audio 64 bit floating point.
  • Optional software support: FFTW library.
  • Main LCD: 58×14 characters.
  • Free bug-fixes & free upgrades.
  • To be released: Support for dynamic devices (compressors).

Nat3 has an introduction price of 79 EUR for Nebula2 users and 39 EUR for Nebula3 users.

Visit Acustica Audio for more information.