Acustica Audio has announced the release of Silver Volume C, a new expansion pack for the Silver reverb plugin suite featuring 36 different emulations from a classic digital dual stereo reverb/effects processor under the name/category ‘MOD200’.

The pack offers an esoteric sound, made unique by the harmonic distortion content added with Acustica Audio’s technology.

This ‘MOD200’ emulation recreates a vintage Dual Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor under the name/category ‘MOD200’. The original hardware was released between 1982 and 1985, and although only in production for a few years; this reverb found a place in many recording studios as a secret weapon, with a rich, detailed sound. This unit is considered a true hidden gem for those who can still find one, as they are tough to come by nowadays..

The ‘MOD200’ reverb is deep and lush; it sits nicely in the mix and faithfully emulates the highly coveted reverb algorithms of the original unit, making it very appealing to today’s engineers and producers.

Volume C for Silver is priced 49 EUR. Note that it requires the Silver plugin, which is sold separately.

More information: Acustica Audio