Acustica Audio has released Trinity eQ, a virtual equalizer effect for Windows.

Trinity eQ is a detailed emulation of a coveted and highly sought out British console equalizer that has been used in countless records throughout the world. To faithfully reproduce the elusive analog sound in your DAW, we recommend using Trinity eQ in all tracks where you need to shape or even just color the sound.

On single track: Insert Trinity eQ on the audio tracks in any position of the effects chain (to taste). Trinity eQ sounds great on any instrument and voices.

On master track: Trinity eQ is inserted on the mixbus, or group bus, as last insert giving at the whole mix the classic British console sound.

Acustica Trinity eQ

Trinity eQ features

  • High Pass Filter: The HPF switch inserts a 70Hz High Pass Filter with a rolloff of 18dB per octave into circuit after the input. This may be used to eliminate unwanted low-frequency noises such as rumble, pops, camera buzz.
  • Low Shelf: The LF switch inserts a Low Frequency Shelf Filter fixed at 80Hz with ±15dB of adjustable gain. This frequency represents the punch in bass drums, bass guitar, fat synths and some really serious male singers. Used in conjunction with the HPF, you can boost the LF without injecting tons of infrasonic debris into the mix.
  • Mid Bell: The LMF and HMF switches inserts the Low Mid Frequency and High Mid Frequency Bell Filter respectively, they provide ±15dB of adjustable gain at the frequency determined by their frequency knobs. LMF extends down to 100Hz which includes the male vocal range and the fundamentals of some lower instruments. HMF extends up to 8000Hz which includes the female vocals range as well as the fundamentals and harmonics for many instruments.
  • High Shelf: The HF switch inserts an High Frequency Shelf Filter fixed at 12kHz with ±15dB of adjustable gain. Use this to add sizzle to cymbals, and an overall sense of transparency or edge to the keyboard, vocals, guitars… Turn it down a little to recude sibilance, or to hide tape hiss.

Trinity eQ for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 79 EUR (regular 89 EUR). A Mac VST version is currently in beta development.

More information: Acustica Audio