Acustica Audio Nebula2 Free

Acustica Audio has updated Nebula2 Free to version 1.2.720. This release fixes some bugs.

Updates in v1.2.720

  • bug fix: tail size returned to the host (please verify that Cubase4 is working now)
  • bug fix: resume command is supported, in Wavelab 5 if you stop the player tails are cleared
  • bug fix: different IDs for each plug, blocking bug for PT.
  • bug fix: multithread support in Sonar

PLEASE NOTE THAT SAVED SONG WILL NOT LOAD NEBULA2 BECAUSE ID NUMBERS ARE DIFFERENT NOW. Work-around: save each plug session (save bank or save effect) in each song before upgrading to the new version.

Visit Acustica Audio for more information and download the latest version of Nebula2 Free (free registration required).