AcustiX Soundtrack Strings

AcustiX Digital Instruments has launched AcustiX Soundtrack Strings, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

AcustiX Sountrack Strings takes a different approach. All sections and divisi are carefully laid out and blended over the full range of the keyboard. This makes the string section playable as one instrument from the basses and cellos to the violas and violins.

With AcustiX Soundtrack Strings you can combine/stack the legato/sordino and staccato/marcato strings patches without keyswitching, allowing a different and unique approach in playability. The key-velocity is used to modulate the attack dynamics (staccato/marcato), while the mod wheel (cc-controller) is used to modulate the volume dynamics (piano sordino/forte). This allows for any combination of legato/sordino/staccato/marcato at the same time: piano/forte sordino/legato and piano/forte staccato/marcato. Although it is still possible to use the legato/sordino or staccato/marcato patches separately when needed. This allows both a lush and lyrical warm sordino sound in the piano parts and a heroic and dramatic sound in the fortes without the cutting soaring sound of regular non-sordino strings. This character makes the AcustiX Soundtrack Strings well suited for classical and soundtrack music.

The AcustiX Soundtrack Strings were created with the smaller equipped music workstation in mind, without compromising on sound quality.

The library is available for purchase for 39.95 EUR.

More information: AcustiX Digital Instruments