Adam Monroe's Beats

Adam Monroe Music has released an updated version of Adam Monroe’s Beats, a drum sample instrument plug-in for Windows.

The new version includes a huge update to the code base, vastly improving functionality, as well as adding Kontakt versions.

Generally speaking, the program functions much differently, better, and has been been heavily debugged, the result of over a month of reprogramming and testing.

Adam Monroe’s Beats features 31 drum kits, the ability to swap out parts of each kit, 500 MIDI beats, 16/24-bit samples, and over 4 gigs of sample data.

Changes in Adam Monroe’s Beats

  • All parameters are now automatically saved per-project/per preset, note assignments and user kits can be saved outside of projects.
  • Added the ability to name/rename “User Kit” presets.
  • Code is more maintainable, elegant, efficient, and simplified.
  • I/O code debugged.
  • Presets and program settings are now hard-coded into program (in case of resets).

Adam Monroe’s Beats is available for purchase for the introductory price of $35 USD.

More information: Adam Monroe / Adam Monroe’s Beats