ADDAC System has announced the 215 Dual Sample & Hold+ Eurorack module, a new ‘super utility’ that comes with sample & hold, track & hold, linking and processing features.

ADDAC System 215 Sample & Hold+

The module takes up just 6hp of space while providing bountiful features and utility options.

At its core, the 215 features a noise source and two precision Sample & Holds with 0.01% of maximum deviation from the Input. This enables greater predictability during performances, since quantized signals can be sent through the signal chain without any noticeable detuning or voltage drops over time.

The Sample & Hold sections of the module can also be used as a Track & Hold — making it capable of holding the incoming input while the Trigger input is ON. This feature also lets the input flow to the output when the Trigger input is OFF. Both the Sample & Hold and the Track & Hold sections also feature their own slew processor, featuring a single control over attack and decay, as well as an ON/OFF switch.

The noise signal on the 215 module is normalled to both sections inputs. Therefore, when a jack is not plugged in, the sample and hold function will respond to the incoming noise signal — and proceed to generate random CV values. This in turn creates almost limitless creative possibilities with your sound sources. Meantime, the [Trigger A Alternate] switch allows a user to Link both sections so that any trigger input in Trigger A will alternate between triggering the A and B section.

In addition to featuring dedicated outputs for each section, there are also four extra outputs: Noise, Difference, Average and Sum. The [Noise] output is derived from the noise source, the [Difference] output is the subtraction of section A minus section B, the [Average] output equals the sum of both A plus B and then divided by 2, and finally the [Sum] output is the sum of both A plus B sections.

The 215 Sample & Hold+ is available now for 125 EUR. It will soon become available as a full DIY kit.

More information: ADDAC System