Admiral Quality has launched version 0.2.0 of Stunning Phaser, a phaser audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Admiral Quality Stunning Phaser 020

Stunning Phaser is an extremely high quality, internally oversampled, VST/AU phaser effect plug-in.

In addition to the usual LFO, Stunning Phaser also offers a stereo envelope follower, multiple LFO waveforms, and our very own Gliss-quanti™, an automatic sample-and-hold function that divides LFO waveforms up into discreet steps for exciting new possibilities you’ve never heard a phaser do before!

Changes in v0.2.0

  • Added: Input and Output Mono (sum) buttons.
  • Added: Input Gain control.
  • Added: Stage Detune control. Spreads phaser stage tuning in a non-even pattern to simulate inconsistencies between stages in analog phasers.
  • Added: Stage Saturation control. Adds a smooth saturation to the phaser input.
  • Tweaked: Increased range of Output (and new Input) Gain controls and adjusted curves.
  • Tweaked: Increased range of LFO Depth control to +/- 400%.
  • Tweaked: Increased longest possible Free LFO Rate.
  • Added: Envelope Follower’s DC cut switch replaced with a HPF Cutoff Frequency control to allow full control over DC Cut and “sharpening” behavior.
  • Added: Exposed the Envelope Follower LPF’s Cutoff Frequency control to allow full control over “smoothing” behavior.
  • Tweaked: Greatly increased Envelope Follower Amount range to +/- 1000%! Control curve also adjusted. Allows for a much greater range of response to adapt to the now user-adjustable LPF and HPF cutoff frequencies.
  • Tweaked: Reported filter and phaser Center Frequencies in Hz should now be more accurate.

Stunning Phaser is available at 65% off during the beta period, priced at $13.98 USD. For a limited time only, it is included for free with a purchase of the Poly-Ana synthesizer instrument.

More information: Admiral Quality