ADSR Sounds has introduced FM8 EFX Sound Design and Electronic Sound Design for Massive, two new tutorial video courses by Jonny Strinati.

The FM8 EFX Sound Design tutorial series looks at using FM8 to create your own down lifters, uplifters, sweeps and impacts.

These videos explore some ideas and methods that are easy to implement with this awesome synth and hopefully sheds a little light on some things you can do differently to help improve your instruments and your sound design sessions within FM8.

The Electronica Sound Design tutorial is about programming synths, sound design, drum design and beat creation with NI Massive.

In this 4 part mini series, we learn how to design sounds, make drums and sequence with NI Massive for the electronica genre (think Warp Records).

The courses are available to purchase for $9 USD each.

More information: ADSR Sounds