ADSR Sounds has launched a limited time offer on 15 Echo Sound Works packs as part of its Holiday Sale.

ECHO SOUND WORKS 15 for 15 is the ultimate bundle for producers in terms of content and price. That word “Ultimate” comes up a lot in sound set descriptions but how many bundles come with over a THOUSAND presets? How many sample packs come with over a THOUSAND samples? Whether you produce EDM (nearly any genre), Hip Hop or Pop this bundle will give you sounds that you will be exploring for months.

The 15 for 15 bundle is a modern library for producers and DJ’s of all genres. It contains 15 products for the insane price of $15. If purchased separately all of the contents of the 15 For 15 Bundle would cost over $200.

You will get 10 top selling Massive preset packs, 1 Sylenth soundsets, 4 drum sample packs and hundreds of bonus drum samples (WAV format) and MIDI files.

The Echo Sound Works bundle is available for $15 USD on December 13th, 2015.

More information: ADSR Sounds