ADSR Sounds has introduced Drops, Trap Gold Patches Vol.2 and EDM Gold Patches Vol.2, three sound packs by Maarko for the Massive software synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

Maarko packs

  • Drops includes 6 Powersaw Drops, 3 Basses, 2 Leads, 3 Plucks.
  • Trap Gold Patches Vol.2 includes 8 Basses, 5 Lasers, 4 Leads, 3 Plucks.
  • EDM Gold Patches Vol.2 includes 5 Basses, 6 Leads, 2 Lasers, 4 Powersaws, 2 Plucks, 1 FX.

The packs are now available for purchase from ADSR Sounds. A 25% discount is available until July 24th, use coupon 5umm34 at checkout.

More information: ADSR Sounds