ADSR Sounds has introduced THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits, a new sample pack featuring a massive collection of hardhitting FX samples by Steve Hilo.

THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits comes with 67 different FX sounds, all at 3 different lengths. This gives you a number of 201 samples.

But hey, we don’t stop there. All different versions comes with both a dry and a wet version with post effects applied. This gives you a stunning final number of 402 FX samples in total! Yet this isn’t even all of it – don’t forget all of the bonus content from the demo song.

The soundbank is both available with a .wav-file version and an .aiff-file version (bonus files are still in .wav-format).

The pack is available from ADSR for $22.90 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits