ADSR Sounds has announced the release of a new expansion pack for the Hexcel harmonic table-based generative MIDI sequencer.

Dance & EDM contains 50 generative presets, including arps, chords, leads, plucks and sequences.

High-energy beats, pulsating rhythms, and catchy melodies make EDM the perfect musical fodder for Hexcel. Dance & EDM has been inspired by the world’s most energetic dance floor anthems, setting Hexcel’s parameters to maximum energy and giving you the creative power to innovate and invigorate the dance scene. Featuring 50 generative presets designed specifically for EDM, including arps, chords, leads, plucks, and sequences, the possibilities are endless.

Each preset fully utilizes Hexcel’s capabilities and provides instant momentum, allowing you to simply route them with your favorite synth and play them as-is or jump off and explore and create new sonic landscapes that will inspire and excite techno enthusiasts worldwide. From electrifying soundscapes to thrill seeking drops to atmospheric melodies that ignite a sense of euphoria and transcendence. Dance & EDM is the ultimate tool for generating complex patterns and chords that will transport your dance productions to a new dimension.

The expansion is on sale for the intro price of $15 USD until April 19th, 2023 (regular $19 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds