ADSR Sounds has announced How To Make Any Sound In Massive, a 3-hour video course featuring a new approach to sound design with Native Instruments Massive.

If you feel like you have the vision but lack the skills to make the sounds you want in Massive; are looking for fresh ideas and a new approach to making sounds from scratch and/or want to learn how to design any sound in any genre, you’re going to want to check out this course.

In this unique 3-hour video course, Echo Sound Works takes you through his personal 5-step sound design process. 8 in-depth videos offer a systematic approach to sound design, allowing you to make almost any sound in Native Instruments Massive.

This course is an intermediate to advanced tutorial course for Massive covering the “how” of sound design not, why or what. Assumes a level of knowledge for users who are already familiar with wavetables, filters, etc.

The course is on sale for just $9 USD for 24-hours only as part of ADSR’s Christmas Sale.

More information: ADSR Sounds / How To Make Any Sound In Massive