ADSR Sounds has announced Max for Live Essentials – Sound Generation, a tutorial course on sound generation with the devices within the Max for Live Essentials Pack.

The first course in a 2-part series, you will begin to explore the Audio, MIDI, and Instrument devices that go beyond the standard array of devices that come with Ableton.

The devices within the Max for Live Essentials Pack are incredibly powerful. A lot of these devices offer new approaches to audio processing, device control and melodic and rhythmic generation not available in any other plugin devices.

This course focuses on sound generation. As such the devices covered; Buffer Shuffler, Bass, Poli, Multi, and the various Drumsynth modules allow you to expand your arsenal of sound generation possibilities in new and exciting ways.

No matter what genre of music you are producing, this course and these devices are essential!

Max for Live Essentials – Sound Generation features

  • Over 60 Minutes of professional video instruction.
  • 7 indepth videos each exploring sound generation with different devices from Max for Live Essentials Pack.
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons.

The course is available for $24.99 USD.

More information: ADSR Sound