ADSR Sounds has launched the Low End Masterclass, a video tutorial course on low-end mixing for dance music producers.

Presented by Echo Sound Works, Low End Masterclass – Low-End Mixing for Dance Music Producers covers all things low end. As producers, we all get excited about laying down the perfect kick with a killer bass but excitement turns to defeat when they sound completely flat together not to mention how they absolutely destroy the general quality of your track.

Whether you’re working on a heart-stopping big room banger, an uplifting festival anthem or a more nuanced tech-house track, one thing is for sure, we all have to conquer the labyrinth of low-end mixing.
From acoustic treatment, to mixing tips and tricks – this course is designed to show you how to manage your low end to make sure each and every sound in your track supports, rather than competes with each other.

Discover how to make individual sounds pop and most importantly when and how to compromise to add a sense of space and cohesion like a pro!

The course is available for purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Low End Masterclass