ADSR Sounds has launched Transition FX Masterclass, a video tutorial course featuring over 3 hours of indepth video tuition, covering a variety of effects including risers, pitch ups, pitch downs, sweeps, drum fills, drum builds, reverse sounds and more.

Transitional FX are a staple of every genre whether you’re an EDM producer or a Hip Hop producer or even in a band. Transitions prepare the ear for change and help guide the listeners expectations and emotions during a song. Knowing how to create these types of sounds both from a sound design perspective as well as a production stand point will give you the utmost control.

In this tutorial course, Echo Sound Works will teach you how to create some of the most important sounds you’ll ever learn how to create – from scratch.

The course is available for purchase for $19 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Transition FX Masterclass