ADSR Sounds has launched a Virus TI Course, a 6 hour video tutorial by Nathan Fox, who explores the popular synthesizer by Access Music in detail.

The Access Virus Ti. Arguably the most Powerful and Versatile VA Hardware synth on the market.
This course is aimed at giving you the knowledge you need to make your own sounds from the Virus Control plug in. It is suitable to everyone who owns a virus TI, whether a TI Snow or a TI Polar, from beginner to pro.

Every knob / slider , feature and function is explored in detail. with over 6 hrs of tutorials split into 14 videos. Each covering different sections for you to return to whenever you need. We brush on synthesis basics as we move through the course as I explain what each element does and how it effects the overall sound you are creating.

This course comes with the added bonus of 40 of my personal patches i have created. A good mixed bag for you to use or de-construct to further your knowledge of the Virus and how it works.

The video course is available for purchase for $25 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Virus TI Course