ADSR Sounds has launched Write Better Melodies Masterclass, a tutorial video series by Echo Sound Works.

Writing A Killer Melody Just Got Easier – Writing catchy and interesting melody can be as exciting and fulfilling as it is potentially frustrating and downright daunting parts of creating music. It is the vehicle that allows your musical character to shine through and for most listeners, the most memorable component of a finished track. But hey… no pressure!

In this tutorial course, Echo Sound Works shows you some of his personal tips and tricks for crafting memorable melodies. After just over an hour you will be equipped with time-tested strategies that will help you get your musical ideas out of your head and into your headphones.

Craft better melodies and start making the music you want, today!

The video course is available for purchase for $19 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Write Better Melodies Masterclass