Plugin Boutique has published a Show & Reveal video on the ADX Speech Volume Control plugin by Audionamix.

In this video, producer Joshua Casper shows some examples of ADX SVC at work on a recording of his voice in a busy outdoor area.

Audionamix is proud to present the newest breakthrough in audio science… the ADX Speech Volume Control plug-in, compatible with your favourite DAW. The ADX Speech Volume Control (SVC) plug-in allows independent volume level control over both speech and background elements within a mono or stereo mix.

Lower the level of background noise within troublesome production audio, or easily boost dialogue levels without requiring access to stems or the full multitrack session. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, SVC automatically identifies and separates speech, allowing you +/- 12dB of independent control over both speech and background elements. SVC also automatically preserves those difficult consonant sounds that typically get lost in the noise.

SVC offers selectable speech settings to help you easily target typical male, female and child pitch ranges, making it a must-have tool for production and post audio professionals.

Audionamix ADX Speech Volume Control is available from Plugin Boutique.

More information: Plugin Boutique / ADX Speech Volume Control