Aegean Music has released version 1.3 of Amp Vision, an amp modeling effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Aegean Music Amp Vision

Amp Vision is a VST and AU plugin for guitar processing giving you limitless tones instantly in an easy to use package. It interfaces with your existing compatible DAW or other audio application (a VST host or Mac AU Host), and excels in multiple roles such as recording, performing, practice, and re-amping or re-imagining existing tracks.

Changes in Amp Vision v1.3

  • New Tremolo Effect: Tremolulu – A high quality analog sounding tremolo with adjustable speed, depth, and switchable sweep shape, capturing the nuances of real tremolos.
  • New Chorus and Flanger Effect: Switchable between Chorus and Flanger modes, it is smooth clear and fully adjustable. Don’t miss the random setting which makes the sweep a shaped noise pattern rather than the traditional up down. The pedal can even provide natural vibrato and tape deck warble simulation.
  • Mac registration issues – Fixed.
  • Math error when changing to some amps – Fixed.
  • Sometimes tooltip number incorrect – Fixed.
  • The first midrange knob on the amp Cerberus wasn’t very balanced, it has been replaced with a better one.

Amp Vision is available for purchase for $36 USD. The update is free to existing owners.

More information: Aegean Music / Amp Vision