EarthMoments has released its sample pack Afro-Cuban Percussion Vol. 01, an extensive collection of rhythms and grooves originating from the Caribbean Island of Cuba.

The island’s rich history has led to the melting pot of African, Taíno, and Spanish musical traditions. The results are energetic rhythms such as Tumbao, Bembé, Nanigo, Nyabinghi and many more which are all featured throughout this expansive pack.

Afro-Cuban Percussion Vol. 01 includes a wide variety of samples in a range of tempos and styles featuring the congas, cajón, bongos, claves, shaker, and cowbell, all performed by professional Afro-Cuban percussionist, Idan K. Our samples are processed to preserve the organic sound of the instrument, while still providing you with a sonically pure sample so it seamlessly integrates into your productions.

The sample pack is available at Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: EarthMoments