AfroDJMac and Mark Mosher Zebra Attack

AfroDJMac has announced the release of Zebra Attack, a free Ableton Live Rack in collaboration with Mark Mosher.

Mark is an electronic musician, sound designer, producer, and as I have discovered, all-around nice guy. As a way of giving back to the community, Mark has been heading up the blog Modulate This! on which he shares everything from Ableton Live Packs, production advice, gear reviews, and so much more. The first time I watched Mark perform live online, I was pretty sure he was a being sent from the future to share some outrageous new ways of producing and performing music.

This week I am very proud and excited to share the first of what promises to be many Ableton Live Packs created in collaboration with Mark.

The Zebra Attack Ableton Live Rack is a free download from AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac