AfroDJMac Dirty Trumpet

AfroDJMac has released Dirty Trumpet by JM-DG, a new free Ableton Live Rack.

Over the last few months JM-DG has sent me a couple tracks made with various AfroDJMac racks, and he recently stepped it up with an offering of his own. Created with an old trumpet that almost landed in the trash, JM-DG brings us an instrument with lots of warmth and character. Not always perfectly in tune but packed with plenty of charm, this trumpet is sure to add a bit of life into your music.

I’ve taken what he sent me and added a couple of little touches and effects, as well as adjusting the tuning to make it a bit more playable. As an extra bonus, I took the drums from JM-DG’s demo song and chopped them up into its own instrument rack. So you get a unique trumpet sound as well as a drum kit to play around with. Make sure you stop by JM-DG’s site and say thanks!

The Dirty Trumpet Live Rack is a free download for AfroDJMac Facebook fans.

More information: AfroDJMac