AfroDJMac Found Percussion

AfroDJMac continues his weekly series of free Ableton Live Racks with Found Percussion, a sound library that makes musical instruments out of non-musical items.

A while back, I spent some time in my kitchen, recording percussive sounds using bottles, cans, candy wrappers, cabinet doors, car keys, the hands of a clock, brooms, guitar picks on plastic caps… literally everything but the kitchen sink. These samples have been chopped and arranged on a drum rack with a variety of effects, most notably an Arpeggiator.

The Arpeggiator allows you to hold down a bunch of notes and create rhythms at a specified musical rate (quarter notes, sixteenth notes, etc. ) Set the rate fast enough (1/48 and above) and glitchy musical tones begin to emerge. Play around with the filter LFOs and you may just fashion yourself a sort of dubstep wobble bass.

Found Percussion is available as a free download.

More information: AfroDJMac