AfroDJMac has launched a collection of 32 free presets for the Wavetable synthesizer in Ableton Live 10.

The Round Wavetable Pack is a collaboration with Thomas Glendinning of ELPHNT, Josh Spoon, Mark Towers (who recently released the free Multi Analyser for Live 10), Modulate This!’s Mark Mosher, pATCHES, and Isaac Cotec of Subaqueous.

Ableton Live 10 comes with a beast of a new synthesizer, Wavetable. Wavetable, as expected, uses wavetable synthesis to produce a near endless potential of sounds. To celebrate this new instrument, I’ve enlisted the help of 6 talented producers and sound designers. I ask them to send along a few presets using Wavetable, in any genre or style they wished. The result is 32 Wavetable and Instrument Rack presets that showcase the depth and power of Wavetable, as well as some of the other new devices in Ableton Live 10.

What makes this collection of sounds special is the people who created them. I’d like to thank them all for taking time out of their busy schedules to produce such complex and exciting presets for us all to enjoy. Be sure to check out their work and all of the amazing gifts they’ve created for the music production community.

The Round Wavetable Pack is a free download for Ableton Live 10 Suite or above.

More information: AfroDJMac