AfroDJMac has released a free Korg Volca Beats sound pack for Ableton Live.

I don’t own any of these little guys, but Arthur Kaprelian does, and he was kind of to send over some samples. My first impression was “whoa this little drum machine sounds huge!” The file he sent over was about 6 minutes long worth of different drum hits. I sifted through them all and picked sixteen sounds and put them into an Ableton Drum Rack. If you are feeling adventurous, dig into the Project file, then the Samples folder, and feel free to grab some additional drum hits from there. Again, there are over 6 minutes worth of drums!

As a little bonus, I created an Audio FX Rack to go along with this creation. The Drum Smash! rack adds Saturation and Compression to any sound you place it after. Simply turn the “Smash” knob and go to town. Feel free to experiment with it on sounds other than drums!

The Live pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Korg Volca Beats