AfroDJMac has released Super Bass, a free Ableton Live Rack designed to give you deep thunderous bass with lots of crunch and distortion.

AfroDJMac Super Bass

Sometimes you just need a thick heavy bass sound. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a few requests for some heavy bass sounds. While working on one of my tracks called “Part of Me,” I programmed a bass sound that I liked quite a bit, and for this installment of my Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack series, I have modified that particular bass sound.

I really appreciate Ableton’s Analog synth for its deep sound sculpting potential and really nice filter section. It’s a synth that seems to get deeper and deeper every time I load it up. This Ableton Live Instrument Rack was created with the idea of thick bass sounds in mind. I used both oscillators, one a saw wave the other a square wave tuned an octave lower. There’s a slight detuning to thicken up the sound and a bunch of effects stringed together, most notably, The Ableton Amp plug in. Luckily and to my surprise, this rack winds up being more than just a bass sound. Follow along in the video below as I take you through the rack and show how it can be sculpted into heavy bass sounds, pleasing chords/ pads, and soaring leads.

Super Bass for Ableton is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac