Agares Media RackA3

Agares Media has released the Agares RackA3 VST Effects Suite, a bundle of 6 freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

VST effects are a dime a dozen. High quality VST effects are not. High quality FREEWARE VST effects are rarer still, yet that’s exactly what you’ll find with Agares RackA3. Featuring triple distortion, triple delay, triple reverb, trible pitch shifting, triple chorus, and triple phaser effects, the Agares RackA3 includes 6 VST effect units that are designed to provide the basic effects toolkit that every musician needs. Download it for free today.

Agares RackA3 VST Effects Suite features

  • DelayA3, simulates a triple tape delay unit. Progressive and psychedelic rockers will love the vintage style delay.
  • DistortA3, triple digital distortion gives you 3 times the bit crushing power, for the ultimate power riffs. When used in moderation, the 3 distortion units make lead tones easy to dial in.
  • FlangeA3, a rather mild flanger can easily become much more powerful, as this effect has quite a range.
  • PitchA3, a pitch shifter to make harmonies instantly with 3 voices, with 48 pitch levels on each voice.
  • ReverbA3, with full control of 3 reverb units, you can make any reverb scenario a reality. From subtle, multlayered lead reverbs, to expansive halls and cathedrals, the sounds you create are only limited by your imagination.
  • ChorusA3, with 3 chorus processors, you have the flexibility to scale from subtle vocal treatments, to full thick bass lines.

The Agares RackA3 VST Effects Suite is available as freeware for Windows.

Visit Agares Media for more information.