Airwindows Sable

Airwindows has released Sable and DeRez, two new audio unit effect plug-ins for Mac.

Sable is a universal binary AU format EQ plugin, with two bands of boost and high/low cutoff controls.

Killer channel EQ, not intended for mastering or 2-buss. Huge sounding, not normal digital EQ! Sable is the best of sonic paintbrushes.

DeRez is a unique univeral binary AU plugin- an analog bitcrusher.

Okay, that seems impossible- but DeRez not only sounds strangely organic for a bitcrusher, but it CONTINUOUSLY adjusts between full rez and totally destroyed. You can even sweep it.

Sable and DeRez are available for purchase for $59.99 USD each.

Visit Airwindows for more information.