Aiyn Zahev Sounds Tundra Vol 2

Aiyn Zahev Sounds has announced Tundra Vol.2, a soundset for the DUNE virtual synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

Tundra Vol 2 is the follow up to the very well received Tundra soundset.

This set explores the further side of Dune. Dark pads and distorted bass, sub basses and Rough leads, but there are also light delicate leads and moving pads & tranquil plucks in this 104 Preset bank.

Tundra Vol.2 features

  • 25 bass, 4 sub basses.
  • 4 soft, 6 hard leads.
  • 4 trance (big room) leads, 11 plucks.
  • 17 pads, 6 gated pads, 4 strings.
  • 9 sequences, 5 synth.
  • 5 texture, 3 FX.

The soundset is available to purchase for $20 USD.

More information: Aiyn Zahev Sounds