Akai Professional has released a version 1.7.2 update of its MPC software, with which Akai Pro wishes to foster a community of expansion builders.

This new update brings a number of useful bug fixes, stability enhancements and two new features.

Q-Link Assign
Streamline the way you can assign Q-Links in main mode. Now you can simply drag a pad to the pad panel straight in the Q-Link from the GUI. The Q-Link will automatically be assigned to the pad.

Expansion Files
Now available with the MPC expansion builder app. Simply drag in a directory and enter the details of your pack; the title, name, cover image, version number and some info about your creation, then hit “Do It”. The expansion builder will create an XPN file that you could share to the world. Drag that XPN file into MPC 1.7.2. No windows of Mac installers needed, just a seamless expansion installer experience.

To celebrate this update they have teamed up with Sonivox, the creators of the current MPC Expansions, to bring you a 50% discount (now $99.99 USD) on Playa Producer Pack (The discount is automatically applied in cart).

More information: Akai Professional