Multiton Bits has announced the release of a new sample pack that connects worlds of acoustic and electronic drums in a unique style.

Akustika Elektronika Drums features samples that were sourced, played and programmed from a Pearl Masters Maple acoustic kit, 00s Korg Triton and 80s MXR Drumcomputer Model 185.

Multiton Bits Akustika Elektronika Drums

Our selection of loops, solo lines, single hits and processed files is easy to use in your existing productions or when making new tracks, and with provided Ableton Live templates and different sampler instruments you can build your tracks on different levels. Loops and samples were slightly compressed so additional use of EQ or compressor will not kill dynamics of a sound.

Beside selected WAV files pack contains 2 Ableton Live templates featuring stems sorted in 7 tracks in session view and drum rack with all 116 single hits on eighth track, which you can use to create new loops in a fast and easy way. Drum kits are also provided in REX2, Native Instruments Battery and Kontakt formats. Reason users will benefit from our selection of hand edited REX2 loops, giving you even more short sequences and hits to work with.

Akustika Elektronika Drums features

  • 405 original royalty free audio files.
  • 153 Wav loops.
  • 137 Wav stems (solo lines).
  • 116 Wav single hits.
  • 53 REX2 loops.
  • 2 Ableton Live drum stems and drum rack kit templates.
  • 2 REX2 Instruments.
  • 3 NI Battery kits.
  • 2 NI Kontakt instruments.

The sample pack is available for the introductory price of $17 USD until June 15th, 2017 (regular $24 USD).

More information: Multiton Bits / Akustika Elektronika Drums