Alan Vista has released Royotoms, a free instrument plugin featuring a sampled rototoms set.

Alan Vista Royotoms

This 8 rototoms set was sampled by Roy Miller, it is tuned to play the famous “Time” song by Pink FLoyd.

A reverb set of samples was created from the dry samples, using an IR impulse from the legendary EMT-140 plate reverb unit used in the original recording.

Credit also goes to Pick Pink who had the idea and took the time to help.

Royotoms features

  • 48 mono 44.1Khz/24 bit dry samples.
  • 48 stereo 44.1Khz/24 bit reverb samples.
  • 3 velocity layers.
  • 2 round-robin samples by layer.

Royotoms is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Alan Vista / Royotoms