Giovanni Albini has announced the release of meloDicts, a “Melodic Dictations Generator” ear training app for Android and iOS that creates tonal melodies.

Albini's Apps meloDicts

An innovative and versatile software that randomly generates and carefully plays exercises as a human teacher would do. It can generate eight bars melodies of Basic, Easy and Intermediate difficulty, in eight different major (C, F, G, D and B flat) and minor (A, D and E) keys.

Developed by an Ear Training/Music Theory Italian professor specifically for his own students, this app is a perfect tool to train your ear at home. Get a pencil and a music sheet and let meloDicts be your digital teacher! Select which bars you want to listen to and write them down!

The app is available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store for 1.99 EUR.

More information: Albini’s Apps