Alesis DM7 USB Kit

Alesis has announced it is now shipping the DM7 USB Kit, a five-piece electronic drumset.

Crushing bass drums, cracking snares, melodic toms and shimmering cymbals are all at your fingertips when you sit behind the DM7 USB Kit. Experience the thrill of busting out beats on eight total drum and cymbal pads powered by a sound module with over 400 sounds. Between the stable rack, triple-zone snare pad, choke-able crash and USB connectivity, the DM7 USB Kit gives you flagship electronic drumset features at an ultra-affordable price.

With a built-in metronome, lessons and a performance record feature, the DM7 USB Kit not only accommodates your development but also contributes to it. If you’re looking for a kit to get you drumming fast with advanced features hard to outgrow, look no further than the DM7 USB Kit.

DM7 USB Kit features

  • Five-drum, three-cymbal drum kit with USB-enabled drum module.
  • More than 400 stereo sounds in 80 kits.
  • Large, triple-zone snare pad for triggering head, rimshot and cross-stick sounds.
  • Crash with choke feature to immediately stop the sound.
  • Flexible metronome and learning exercises to help you become a better drummer.
  • Record your performance, listen back, and share with friends.
  • 30 custom drum kits let you mix and match your favorite sounds together.
  • Customize individual drum and cymbal sounds’ volume, pan, tuning, and reverb settings.
  • Eight studio EQ settings create the perfect room, club, or stadium sound.
  • 1/4″ line in mixes your iPod or other music player to play along to.
  • Pre-assembled, four-post rack for quick setup and stable support.
  • Rack clamps feature large wing-bolts allowing fast, secure adjustment.
  • Mini-boom cymbal tilters position your cymbals exactly where you like them.
  • Retractable spurs hold the large kick pad in place when being played.
  • Headphone output to play all night long without disturbing the peace.
  • Line out to connect to an amplifier, PA or recording system.
  • USB connection to play and record to your favorite computer music software.
  • Includes ToonTrack EZ Drummer Lite software.

The DM7 USB Kit is now available to purchase for a U.S. Retail Price of $799 USD and an estimated street price of $599 USD.

More information: Alesis / DM7 USB Kit