Alex Hilton releases free A1StereoControl effect plugin


Alex Hilton has launched A1StereoControl, a free stereo enhancer effect plug-in for Windows.

A1Audio A1StereoControl

With my new A1StereoControl plugin you will be able to expand or limit the STEREO WIDENESS of your tracks using only one single knob.

This powerful technique can be used on single tracks or groups tracks while mixing or even on a master bus in final mastering situations.

The plug-in is a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: A1Audio / A1StereoControl

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Updated to v1.04:
– New: modified preset is now marked with a asterisk in preset-name.
– New: selected preset is now ticked in popup menu.
– Slightly improved loading & saving procedures.
– Fixed some minor bugs.