Alex Shore JP-4c

Alex Shore has updated his free JP-4c Super Saw emulation for Native Instruments Reaktor to version 1.6.

In 1996 Roland released the JP-8000, their first virtual analogue modeling synthesiser. The JP-8000 became very famous for one thing, the Super Saw. This unique sound helped define the trance music genre and is still commonly used in electronic dance music production today.

The JP-4c is a Reaktor patch designed to emulate the infamous Super Saw oscillator.

Changes in JP-4c v1.6

  • New second oscillator added with 4 selectable waveform types.
  • New LFO modulation section added.
  • Improved chorus effect section.
  • Fixed some issues which would cause clipping when using filter and chorus.
  • General fixes and improvements.

The JP-4c ensemble is a free download. Requires Reaktor 4+ full retail version.

More information: Alex Shore / JP-4c