AlgoMusic/BK Synthlab Enceladus VSTi

AlgoMusic and BK Synthlab have released Enceladus VSTi, the first in a series of collaborations between AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab.

AlgoMusic is well known for Tim Conrardy’s M42 and M51 VSTi and Boris K has released many quality freeware synths in the past.

Enceladus Features

  • Two oscillators, each with 32 waveforms. Sync, voice detune, and filter allocation for each oscillator as well as keyboard on-off function
  • Two Filters, each with 3 filter types (Low pass, High pass and Band pass) with 2x serial filters for richer filter sounds. Separate keyboard tracking and envelope modulation controls are provided
  • Five ADSR style graphical envelope generators with fixed allocations to Amp, Filter1, Filter2, and 2 user mod envelopes
  • Three LFO’s (Low Frequency oscillators) with separate FM and Sample hold controls
  • Two separate step sequencers each with BPM synced selections and smooth controls. Steps can be 8, 16 or 32 steps
  • Comprehensive Modulation Matrix with two targets per source
  • Glide, Poly/ mono selections and Arpegiator controls with 6 arp types and hold (latch) feature
  • Five different effects (Stereo delay,Stereo reverb, Chorus, Phaser and 4 band EQ with separate frequency and Q controls.)
  • Background color editor and colored patch by type allocations
  • Patch display editor by author, category and name
  • Separate LFO for global vibrato setting for mod wheel
  • 144 presets by Tim Conrardy, Boris K and David Haupt

Enceladus costs $49.99 USD (37.54 EUR), and demo is available for download.

Visit the AlgoMusic/BK Synthlab pages for more information and links to demo mp3s.