SampleTraxx has announced the release of its new sound effects library Alibi, a collection of cinematic sounds and Kontakt instruments with a unique sonic character that is perfect for trailers, horror, soundtracks and more.

ALIBI is two libraries in one, half rusty and aggressive – half antique upright piano sound effects and loops collection. The first part has been designed out of various source recordings such as harsh, disharmonic metal scrapes, rusted objects, scratches, slides and grinds to build deep and complex cinematic timbres. The second one is designed out of an antique Roeseler upright piano featuring exclusive dusty loops and one shots.

We had the chance to record an antique 1940 Roeseler upright piano in very bad condition but perfect for our purpose. It sounded terrific with they keys mixed with creaks and noises out of the mechanical parts, hammers and various broken strings, a true sonic treasure for sound designers.

Available at an intro price of $39 USD (regular $49 USD), the sample library includes 280 cinematic sounds in Wav format and over 30 Kontakt instruments.

More information: SampleTraxx