Ocean Way Audio recently held a special event on September 13, 2016, at Ocean Way Nashville Studios. Founder Allen Sides held one-on-one demo sessions of Ocean Way Audio speakers.

The event was a collaboration between Ocean Way Audio, the Audio Engineering Society Nashville Section, Belmont University and Ocean Way Nashville Studios

Allen Sides of Ocean Way
Allen Sides, Sal Greco, Rick Plushner, and Pat McMakin at Ocean Way

Presented in coordination between Ocean Way Audio, the Nashville Section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Belmont University and Ocean Way Nashville Studios, the event featured Ocean Way founder Allen Sides, a five-time GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer.

Sides held a series of one-on-one demonstrations of the new Ocean Way Audio HR4S and Pro2A speakers and played specially recorded classic tracks from his rich history of recording and mixing. Sides has personally worked on over 1,000 albums, many of which have become audiophile classics. Albums recorded in Mr. Sides’ Ocean Way Studios have sold in excess of one billion copies.

Sides and Ocean Way Audio President Rick Plushner then gave a presentation on the topic of the acoustical design of iconic Ocean Way Nashville Studios, the unique HiRes4S (HR4S) and Pro2A reference monitors and playback of some great tracks. Attendees got an in-depth look at these reference monitors, along with a Q&A session with this industry powerhouse.

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