Alonso Sound has announced a sale on its Massive soundsets, offering a discount of up to 75% on soundsets and bundles for the popular software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Alonso Sound Massive sale

  • Alonso NeuroBass Sounds Vol. 1 – $20 USD (regular $39 USD)
    Neurobass Sounds Vol. 1 contains 100 presets for NI Massive, included in the Alonso NeuroBass Sounds Vol. 1, and stands as the most complete collection of sounds for the Neurofunk and Dark DnB genres ever created.
  • Alonso Massive Rising Star Soundset Vol. 2 – $15 USD (regular $39 USD)
    Covering 128 presets, this Soundset features a diverse collection of sounds fit for Big Room, Future House, Trance, and submerges into the rich intermixture of Ambient and Lo-Fi. Craft creative sounds with massive ambiances, crushing basslines, complex sequences, soaring leads, and dramatic plucks.
  • Alonso Massive DreamTechnology Soundset – $12 USD (regular $39 USD)
    Filled with 190 presets, each sound is filled with dazzling textures, inspiring timbres, and dreamtech atmospheres.
  • Alonso Massive Rising Star Soundset Vol. 1 – $15 USD (regular $39 USD)
    The soundset contains 100 presets and covers everything you need to make your next club hit, with focus on Trance and Big Room House.
  • Alonso Massive Dreamcatcher Soundset – $12 USD (regular $39 USD)
    The soundset is built upon organic textures, spacey ambiance, and dreamlike atmosphere. It’s a vivid tool in creating some of the most angelic and blissful-detailed sounds imaginable.
  • Alonso Massive Clubstars Soundset – $12 USD (regular $39 USD)
    This soundset is built upon professional and ready-to-go sounds that include inspiring performance shaping features for each patch with nearly limitless creative potential.
  • Alonso Massive 8bit Soundset – $7 USD (regular $29 USD)
    The 8bit Soundset explores the classic sounds of the 80s/90s game era but also exploits its multi-use in today’s contemporary music.
  • Alonso Massive Soundset – $9 USD (regular $29 USD)
    You’ll find a spectacular array of basses, leads, and plucks, all easily customizable to find home in any EDM producer’s sound arsenal.
  • Bundle 4: Complete Massive Soundset Collection – $99 USD (regular $292 USD)
    Spanning 7 Soundsets and over 800 presets, you’re sure to find what you need.

The sale ends March 5th, 2017.

More information: Alonso Sound / Massive soundsets