Alonso Sound has announced the release of Alonso Zebra 2 Soundset, a collection of patches for the u-he Zebra 2 virtual synthesizer.

The Alonso Sound Zebra 2 Soundset is a collection of 128 patches that each represent a unique texture and inspiration. Uhe’s Zebra2 is a wonderful soft synthesizer capable of quite a variety of sounds. This soundset explores the synthesizer’s power and potential. It’s a celebration of how soft synthesizers are closing the boundary from hardware and real instruments to software based instruments.

Alonso Zebra 2 Soundset features

  • 128 h2p patches in 7 Main Patch Categories:
    • Bass (24)
    • FX (15)
    • Lead (22)
    • Pad (16)
    • Percussion (11)
    • Pluck (17)
    • Sequences (22)
  • Core instrument patch mapping and programming.
  • Extensive read me (.pdf). Contains overview, installation and patch information.
  • Note: Uhe Zebra 2.3 retail versions required for ALL patches to work perfectly.

The Alonso Zebra 2 Soundset is available for purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Alonso Sound / Alonso Zebra 2 Soundset