Alonso Sound has announced the release of Dune Clubstars, a new soundset for Synapse Audio’s Dune softsynth.

It continues… another Clubstars treatment, this time for Synapse Audio’s Dune. Here are 100 sounds primed and ready for your next dance floor hit.

This soundset is stocked with patches for your next anthem house, dirty dutch, and electro house tracks. All patches have modwheel controller assignments to let the user easily tweak each sound to their liking.

Dune Clubstars features

  • 100 sounds; programmed by Adam Alonso.
  • Core instrument patch mapping and programming.
  • Modwheel Assignment for every preset.
  • Format(s): .fxb (Dune’s Native Format).
  • Extensive read me (.pdf). Contains overview, installation and patch information.
  • Note: Synapse Audio Dune v1.35 retail versions required for ALL patches to work perfectly.

Dune Clubstars is available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Alonso Sound / Dune Clubstars